Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have I Done What I Could?

In Matthew 26:7 we read the story of a woman bringing a very costly perfume/ointment in an Alabaster box to pour over Jesus. This gesture of love and honor must have been from an overwhelming desire to serve Him. I did not read a portion of scripture here that describes her stopping to make a list of pros and cons. She found the only way she knew how, in this given circumstance, to give what she could to express her love for Christ. She found that which was "costly" and dedicated it her Savior. She was ridiculed by those around her. She was welcomed by the LORD! Have you ever been so moved to honor your LORD in whatever way you can without worrying over the difficulty, sacrifice, cost or ridicule you may suffer in the act of giving to HIM? Have you looked around to see what you could give to love and honor your Lord, the one who gave every drop of His life's blood for you? She did what she could: I will ask the question, Have I done what I could? Have You?
We don't all have an Alabaster box. Some of us have time with a shut in. Some of us have a voice to sing praises. Some of us can meet a need of a neighbor. What's your expression going to be?

Just searchin',

1 comment:

Lance Mac said...

It's much easier to make excuses instead of just having a go. What do we believe about Jesus? Are we broken enough, are we convicted enough to love Jesus with everything we have without worrying about what everyone else thinks about it?

Thanks for the reminder Kathy.

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