Friday, September 3, 2010

Website Set to Launch With Some Exciting Guest Writers

Hey gang,

Here's the link for our new website for A Gentle Answer Ministries. This will still be the blog site but we will be linking to the new Website as well. I am looking forward to the wonderful guest writers that will be sharing with us and encouraging us along the path.
I heard a Steven Curtis Chapman song...actually I didn't just hear it...I replayed it over, and over, and over...etc. all afternoon in the car. It states the purpose of this ministry and it's beginnings a few years back:

"I wanna be...a God follower...I wanna go...wherever HE leads....I wanna be a God follower...I wanna walk the trail He's marked for me...And be.....a GOD FOLLOWER!"

Hope you'll join in Following the trail He's marked for you...and I'm sure we'll see one another along the journey.

Love you more than m & m's,


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