Saturday, March 19, 2011

HEADLINES And HIGHLIGHTS May seem depressing…These are some I’ve seen just today:

*Can Japan SURVIVE this disaster?
*China issues monitor order OVER Japan’s radiation levels.
*News alert WORKERS evacuated from plant…
*Water RECLAIMS land in Japan…new map will remain…
*Disaster on the NEWS just ahead …stay with us…
*Oil and Gas prices have RISEN, now over $100 a barrel…
*Fighting continues in Afghanistan TODAY…
*U.N. Shocked by Ivory Coast BLOODSHED…
*Nuclear POWER RECONSIDERED due to humanitarian interest in relief effort in Japan.
*CEASE fire called for in no FLY zone
*Stay inside due to radiation risk, keep AWAY from outdoors.
*Young man found LIVING in rubble days after Quake…
*WATER shortage….
*Some are now abandoning their religion and questioning GOD amidst all the horrific news around the globe…
*CONTROL of Gaza uncertain as September deadline approaches.

But if we look again…a SECOND LOOK at the HIGHLIGHTS…I can find hope hidden beneath the fear…

In order to SURVIVE…I have turned my life OVER to God. I, with other WORKERS for our Lord have hope.
He RECLAIMS the lives of those who trust HIM. The good NEWS is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has RISEN! TODAY you can accept the fact that HIS BLOODSHED was for you! It is the POWER that leads to your salvation. I hope you have RECONSIDERED your sin and choose to CEASE living for yourself and choose to FLY AWAY to the only LIVING WATERGOD…through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST alone…HE/they are in CONTROL.

Won’t you trust Him today? None of these horrific headlines took HIM by surprise. He warned of all these events, signs, in prophetic writings of scripture. Please don’t be discouraged…unless of course you refuse HIM as your LORD and SAVIOR…then…you need be very, very discouraged.
He, Jesus Christ, Is my hope…my Lord, my Savior…I will yet praise Him even in the day of trouble.
We continue to pray for those around the world who are suffering tonight. I pray also, that many will confess Jesus is Lord and believe in their heart that God raised Him from the dead…and one day very soon…we will see Him face to face.
Will you be there?
I pray so,


Anonymous said...

That was very cool how you did that. Cool blog, I'm going to link it on my blog at


P.s. you can remove my link, I just wanted you to know where it is, I'm not trying to promote myself. :)


K said...

Thanks for sharing Stacy. We love to tell folks about Active Christian Media!!!

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