Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good Idea...Bad Idea

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend of beautiful fall weather.
Take time this week to laugh, love, look at scripture.

I've reposted the famous new game GOOD IDEA...BAD IDEA for those who missed it, on the website humor page.

I'll see you Monday....still promise to bring you the "end of the story".
Until then...we've published a new online magazine. Some of the folks at Dayspring and Christian have allowed us to shop right from home for Christmas. Look around on the links to their sites. You can also get a copy of A Christmas Snow (which my family got to see and we recommend it).

The link to "Show Hope" is now on the site and proceeds go to help the kids at Maria's Big house of hope. Click around and see the great work they are doing.
We thank you and hope you enjoy this weeks stories, humor, devotions and links.

Just Thinkin',


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