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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

At The Intersection of Faith and Reason

Standing at the corner of Faith and Reason...

I have reached a conclusion.

God is not reasonable.

Has He asked something unreasonable of you lately?

Are you finding simple trust...and obedience to HIS request(s), instructions, and commands difficult because YOU have deemed them UNREASONABLE?

Have you been obedient? Or, again, (as I often do) have you argued or reasoned that HIS request is “unreasonable” so you just don’t obey?

I have to think about this -- because either I want to follow Him -- or I don’t.

Let’s see…Let me know if any of this sounds reasonable to you:

A woman talks to and cooperates with a serpent just because God’s request to stay away from just one thing seemed “unreasonable”… “Did God really say…?” Genesis 3:1

“Build an Ark Noah” "Umm...Okay Lord, but what exactly is this 'rain' thing again" Sound reasonable to you? Genesis 6

Abram, Sarai…just follow me. Oh, and by the way…I’m not telling you why, or where we are going and don’t get too used to those names. Reasonable? Genesis 12 Genesis 17

“Just stretch out your staff and watch the Red Sea part”…how about that one Moses, reasonable? Exodus 14:16

“Hey Josh, just follow my marching orders…and the city will fall…literally.”
Reasonable, right? Joshua 6:1-27

"Israel…trust me…obey me and I will bless you. Israel…forsake me…go your own way and I will curse you." Leviticus 26 And thousands of years later, they are still trying to reason with God in the Middle East.

“Yes Mary I said…baby!” “Joseph, yes, I said…Virgin!” Reasonable? Matthew 1:18-21

Place your hope in Jesus Christ and He has, unreasonably,  offered to take your place on that cross for every sin in thought, word, or deed that you have or ever will commit. He has, unreasonably, risen again after dying on that cross. Your belief in Him and that faith alone will save you.
 Reasonable? Acts 16:31

Well after too much reasoning with God,
I don’t want to try to make God make sense anymore. I want to trust Him. I want to obey Him, as that is what He asks of me.

How about you?

Has He asked you to forgive someone?

Has He asked you to love the unlovely person in your life?

Has He asked you to (like Abe and Sarah) move away from what is comfy and certain; a job, a relationship, or a home?

Has He asked you to stop something?

Has He asked you to start something?

Has He asked you to give something?

Has He asked you to deal with your pride, anger, fear, jealousy, addictions?

Has He asked you to wait? To be still? To HUSH (we don't say shut up...well...mostly)?

Or, what may seem the most unreasonable…Has He been silent?

I know His ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not my thoughts because Isaiah 55:8 promised me that. I also know He is God…and I am not. I believe He is sovereign, and I believe He loves me/you.

I’m going to keep working on this. How about you?

I am facing several opportunities to trust God when the circumstances don’t seem reasonable.
Will you pray for me? I would like the chance to pray for you as well. Drop us a line if you would like specific prayer from our prayer team, or just a nod on our prayer discussion tab on facebook (create a new one if you would like) to let others pray for you too.

That sounds…well…reasonable!

What do you believe?


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