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Monday, February 15, 2010

Patient Responsibilities

Obama Care! Health Care! Do you care? I care?
Bill of Rights! My Rights! Fight for rights! Who is Right?
No responsibilities! My responsibilities! Government responsibilities! Impossibilities?

So many topics, so little time. Okay, I chose health as today's topic.

The past few weeks, okay months, alright already...years, our family has had the "opportunity" to experience our health care system at work. Every time we have entered a new facility for care, we receive a lot of paper work.
Whether it was for my son Joshua's ACL repair, for treatment of my ongoing fight against Crohn's, for my husband's total knee replacement or most recently a trip to the E.R. by ambulance and follow up care after my oldest son Jake's automobile accident; we were handed a copy of Patient Rights and Patient Responsibilities.

I actually took time to read the list of responsibilities on one of the NON-EMERGENCY visits and found the content quite informative and beneficial. Knowing my rights and responsibilities helps equip me to make informed decisions.

Question: What if we applied this list of Patient Responsibilities to our personal spiritual health with us as PATIENT, and GOD as our PRACTITIONER and PHYSICIAN?

Patient Responsibilities

1. The patient has the responsibility to provide, to the best of his/her knowledge, accurate and complete information about present concerns, past illnesses, and other matters relating to his/her health. The patient has the responsibility to report unexpected changes in his/her condition to the practitioner.

2. A patient is responsible for collaboration with and following that treatment plan of care. If the patient is unable to follow the plan of care, he/she is responsible for informing the physician.

3. Although the facility will assist in coordination of costs, the patient is responsible for the financial obligations of his/her health care (COST).

4. The patient is responsible for following the facility rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct. The patient is responsible for being considerate of the rights of other patients and personnel.

To make application:

1. Talk to God about your past, present and future issues and concerns. Sin is harmful to your health and God wants to heal your spirit through forgiveness. Remember, you can always report unexpected changes in your life to HIM. HE MAKES HOUSE CALLS!

2. Cooperate with GOD's plan of care for your life. If you find you are unable to follow HIS PLAN for you, Notify HIM right away...Don't take two asprin and call HIM in the morning...Take time in His Word and call Him immediately!

3. The cost has already been taken care of before you were even admitted! Just take care of your obligation to trust the one who redeemed your debt and paid your bill. You will owe a debt of gratitude but never will you repay the cost...but live like you must!
Romans 13:8
[ Love, for the Day is Near ] Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.

4. The patient is YOU! The facility is this walk on Earth! The rules and regulations concerning your care and conduct have been modeled by JESUS. The patient (YOU AGAIN) is responsible for considering the rights of believers and non believers. They all need God's grace, forgiveness and love. And friend, fellow patient, SO DO YOU AND I! And your clean bill of health comes when you hear the Father-Great Physician say,"CHILD...YOU'RE FORGIVEN AND LOVED!"

Here's to your health!

Just Thinkin',



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