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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In God We Trust?

I was sort of restless during the night tossing a bit and maybe a turn or two. So
today I rose a little earlier than usual to try and get some outside chores done to beat the heat and make a trip to the store to beat the crowds.
I think the tossing and turning may have been, like many of us in this economy right now, due to working out financial issues in my head. God is good and we have never missed a meal. Why then do circumstances that may be uncertain let us forget His promises to us to provide abundantly? "Shocked" you say, "Kathy, that a stay at home mom with a part time speaking/blogging/writing gig is not just independently wealthy"...Uh...Nope!

Just the short drive from our house to the local store was enough for my mind to spin into the "what if" zone as I was calculating the groceries I wanted to purchase versus what I could afford for today.
"What if" can be a real exhausting question! "What if the economy doesn't get better?" "What if we can't afford college for the next two kids?" "What if insurance keeps going up?" "What if the Money runs out before the Month" "What if...what if...what if...?

My knuckles were tighter on the steering wheel than when I started the drive. I felt a little frustrated even kind of angry. Fear, frustration and anger are all party favors at a pity party you know.
So as I was concluding my little trip down "what if" road, I pulled into the parking lot of the store, turned off the car and looked in my wallet to reconcile the shopping list with the funds available. I pulled a twenty dollar bill out of my purse and in big bold letters the words "IN GOD WE TRUST" glared at me. I was humbled at just how blessed our family has been. He has never failed us nor forsaken us. He has never been early mind you, but always on time with provision.

This morning, I was focused on my circumstance and not my God who is trustworthy. If you are in another country and IN GOD WE TRUST is not on your currency, it can be in your heart. I snapped a picture of it to share with you above this post.

So my question to you no matter where you are right now, is...WHO DO YOU PLACE YOUR TRUST IN TODAY?

And Father,
How faithful you have been to provide for us. I know you know the needs of everyone reading this today. There are some who really don't know where the next twenty dollars will come from. You know. There are some who are physically exhausted and need strength and don't know how to change their situation. You know. There are some who just need reassurance that you will not only provide financially or physically but emotionally right now. You know each of our needs. Please sustain us and provide for your children as we remember to put our trust in you. If there is someone reading that does not know the comfort of being your child, please draw them to you that they would believe on the Lord Jesus as Savior and learn to rely on you.
In Jesus Name I pray,

Philipians 4:19
But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Thank you for the groceries!

Just Thinkin',



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