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Sunday, September 20, 2020

How Did I Get HERE?

How can I be lost?

I was in a new town for almost 9 months.
I had driven the same route 21 miles one way...21 miles back... every day since school started for my son's new school
Right turn, left turn, right turn and I am at the school. Then reverse to go home; left turn, right turn, left turn...home.
Could that be any easier?


How did I get distracted? What took my thoughts away? How did I take a different route? I was steady on the path straight ahead...or was I?

A sense of well being comes from the familiar path. A sense of security, a knowing. Pattern (some may say monotony) and routine tend to kick in day to day. Routine becomes habit. Life runs on auto pilot and, often, we like it that way. It becomes reliable. The trouble is, we might become a tad complacent. In our complacency, we miss the turn. Missing a turn in Southeast Texas can mean swamp and gators.

How did I manage to drive this familiar road one morning only to look up to see an unfamiliar street sign?

Just when I felt competent getting around town, I found I was lost! 
Well, lost may be harsh or at best premature...I just didn't know where I was.
Okay, yes, lost.
There are no familiar markers, no landmarks.

I had been following behind an 18 wheeler most of the highway home. I had the radio on to a familiar Christian bible teaching. The pastor was speaking about marriage. About leaving and cleaving. My thoughts began to circle; Have I cleaved to Richard? Have I complained about the move? I began to mull. 

Mulling is good only when making hot cider, not on an open road. While some reflection and adjustments are needed, looking back and mulling can often lead you to become regretful, resentful, or the worst to "what if" yourself into a dead end.
When I saw the truck change lanes I turned right on what I thought should have been the right road; the way home.

I stopped the car, and had just a moment of insecure panic in the unfamiliar... in the “lostness”. 
"Lord, I know the streets are unfamiliar, but the sun rises in the East every morning. I need to get my bearings...I need to focus on the sun."

I turned the radio off, turned the car around and drove towards the sun.

"Okay...there is the familiar tractor dealer"... so I drive straight ahead. 

Note to Self:
There is a swamp filled with gators just beyond the rice field, stay the course. The largest sink hole in the area is just a mile or two from here.
Caution to note the signs, keep your bearings. Pay attention to where you are, where you want to go, and read the signs. Don't depend on the one in front to be going to the same place you are going. All roads don't lead home.

Signs are always posted; just not always taken seriously.

Have I felt this way spiritually?

Buckle up...look up...follow the signs...stay on course! If things get stormy or dark or look unfamiliar...wait...turn around...orient yourself toward the Son. He will lead you home.

Just Thinkin',


Watch out for gators and sink holes...better yet...stay out of the swamp!
(What does your gator, sink hole, distraction or detour look like?)


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