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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dear Church, Don't Forget To Leave The Building...

Dear Local Church,

Moving to a new town presents Church going families with a challenge.

Finding a "Church Home" can be simple, or terribly tough.

My experience of moving three times in the last five years has been eye opening.

Our family has visited an array of churches and found  Church Lite, Church Law, Churchy Church, and on rare occasions...a Church actually teaching scriptural truth, preaching the Gospel while serving those in their community.

It is hard enough figuring out where to go to church if you are already a Christian, but I imagine it may be even more difficult for someone who has never been to church stepping into a local church building.

So -- church -- what is actually happening with you?

Are you "Church Lite", "Church Heavy", "Church Law", "Churchy Word Church"? Well, then...perhaps:

1.  You are pandering to the infomercial-entertain me-scroll down-sound bite-YouTube audience.

I am all for the kids program singing for Christmas, or the occasional drama department production, an attention grabbing video clip and I do love The Skit Guys...but not every Sunday.

              Productions and programs can't be your "go to" 'large bait on a big hook with weak test line- we need more members' fishing tackle.
You may hook a few -- but the line is gonna snap and they are swimming away -- fast! Be fishers of men, not numbers.

Have you heard it said, "you have to keep them with more of how you got them" ? I'm exhausted just thinking about the work that would go into a bigger production, a newer audio visual system, louder music, and a cooler guest speaker! 
Give me Jesus...just Jesus!  I'll come back...really I will.

The world needs the word of Jesus, not your latest program!

Romans 6:23

2.  Your "churchy-talk" is daunting.  How can visitors find the truth if you won't speak to folks in a language they understand?   Someone coming to church for the first time in their lives (yep, shocker, not everyone was raised in a church) hearing that they need to "repent" and be "sanctified", so God will be "glorified",  and they will be "justified"...will only be left petrified, horrified, mortified, or chicken-fried if you never even explained the need we all have for forgiveness and grace...the need for a savior...THE savior...Jesus the Christ.

The world needs a Bible, not a dictionary!

Matthew 6:7

3. Your mission field is not inside the walls of that smartly designed, high tech, contemporary, greatly mortgaged building -- complete with coffee bar and gift shop. Although I do approve of the doughnut ministry...but we are warned about it in see:

Matthew 26:41 

Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Not about a doughnut?  Oh...just me then.

Yes, it is nice to have a comfortable space with comfortable seating and a jumbo tron...don't get me wrong...but if your budget reflects making sure people inside the church are comfy while people outside are perishing...then something is out of whack! Please don't take this to be a pastor's salary arguement. Pay your leaders, they have families and mortgages too!  I am talking about investing in people, not just property.

Go!  Reach out!  Meet needs!  Serve!  Tell!  Be the church...don't just be a beautiful church and don't forget to actually leave the building!

 The world needs a heart transplant, not just an extreme make-over!

   Ezekial 36:26 

I know there are so many churches doing it right. Being the church instead of just doing church. But if you have slipped into a sugar coated may be time to turn around...and for the Churchy word folk out there...that means -- REPENT! 

Thanks for considering the concerns from "the new kid in the pew" point of view.

Just Thinkin',


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