Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fun Facts

Friday Fun Facts: Do you know the answers without looking them up? Well-- good thing BibleGateway is just a click away. Try to answer without looking first.

*First mention of cheese in the Bible?
*How many times are "onions" mentioned in the Bible?
*What did John eat that was as sweet as honey but soured his stomach?
*Name of the first mother-in-law mentioned in the Bible?
*Name of the first sister mentioned in the Bible?
*What do Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel have in common?
*What is a Crisping Pin?
*What does "Bethlehem" mean? BONUS if you know why that name is prophetic!

Have a great weekend.
Just thinkin', Answers posted...eventually! :)


Jenn said...

Bethlehem is 'town of bread' or something like that & Jesus is the bread of life! That the answer you were looking for?

Kathy said...

Jenn is correct! You win...a piece of cheese!


Kathy said...


Cheese....David is to take bread and cheese (pizza? !!:) to his brothers in 1 Samuel 17:18

Onions....once Numbers 11:5

John ate the scroll in Rev. 10:10

Naomi first Mother-in-law Ruth 1:14

Naamah is the first sister mentioned Genesis 4:22


Crisping Pins were a type of purse or accessory Isaiah 3:22

House of Bread.....Where the Bread of Life was born.

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