Tuesday, April 24, 2012



 Just show me what to do!

 Have you ever cried this plea to God?

 A few years ago, I found myself in a volume elevated (ok,yelling) discussion (ok,argument) with my husband. I can't remember the details, just that I spewed a rude crack when I had not managed to make my point (ok,criticism) effectively...it went something like this....


 And with a hurt and frustrated look, Richard simply turned to me and softly said, "I've been trying, but you won't scoot out of the way." He was 100% correct.

 I realize I do this with God quite often too. I get stuck on a "what to do" moment and blame God for not showing me what to do. Often I try to go it on my own, only to end up angry, lost on the wrong trail, and perplexed over why God is so quiet in my need. When I still myself long enough to hear HIS answer, Our Father seems to softly tell me, "Kathy,I need you to scoot out of the way".

 I know many times I already know what the Spirit of God has shown me to do in His Word, but I have chosen not to obey. I get in the way, I take over and begin my own plan of mapping out what to do next.

May I encourage you NOT to try this at home?

 Dear Kathy,
 Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
 Your Father

 Remembering that EVERYTHING is covered in HIS WORD if I will just go there for direction:

 Just Thinkin',

 P.S. This post has no reflection on the fact I have recently moved to the SHOW ME State! (WARNING: Not sharing this post with your stubborn friends will cause you to develop hives)

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