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Friday, March 5, 2010


"To carry a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee."~ William H. Walton

Okay then. Which one of you has NEVER been hurt or offended by another human being?
Whoever answered that positively, may now step into your little phone booth, put on the cape and fly back to "Spiritual" Krypton ain't human!!!! (My College English professor just did a spit-take I'm sure).

Now that all of us left here on this little post are only the previously offended, let's think together:

1) Right now you can close your eyes and think of the one person that you need to forgive the most (sorry...we all can think of someone)
2) Right now you can close your eyes and think of the one person that needs to forgive YOU the most (again...sorry but YOU and I have hurt or offended also and I know my name probably came to one of your minds~~I KNOW CERTAINLY AT LEAST ONE) OUCH!!!!!
3) Right now you can close your eyes and picture the ONE person that you know...took care of all this on the cross over 2000 years ago!!!!!

Our words, our thoughts, our actions and inaction towards others must be considered in view of the Cross. In light of what Christ has forgiven in our lives, do we have the right to hold a grudge? For anything?
Forgiveness is this amazing gift that is key shaped. It opens prison cells...your prison of hurt and those you have held captive in the cell of bitterness and unforgiveness.

Its funny how you can just see someones name on facebook, the school paper, an office memo or even in a church bulletin and you are swept back to an old hurt or offense. Let them go. Free yourself!

I am having to work on this tonight after realizing I had held a very quiet but real grudge against someone after years of a single episode that was disappointing and hurtful. Tonight, I am asking Jesus to bring to my mind the many things I have been forgiven that I may then have the grace to extend that measure of forgiveness to someone else. Do you have a someone else?

We have had our children hold hands and quietly talk through an argument when they were younger and just learning to handle conflict. Asking for forgiveness was always more productive than just "making" them say sorry. You know, it is really difficult to be angry and pray for someone at the same time. Maybe you can't hold hands and ask forgiveness, maybe you will never in this life even see the ones that came to your mind in our little pop quiz; but you can tell God and He can offer you the forgiveness that will set you free.
Once you receive His forgiveness, how much easier it is to extend it to others.
C.S. Lewis wrote, "To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you."
I wish you the freedom that comes with being able to bless in prayer those who have let you down.
Pretending the offense never happened or stuffing your feelings won't make it go away. We must confess this for what it is...Sin, in the form of bitterness.

Proverbs 27:13 Those who conceal their sins do not prosper, but those who confess and renounce them find mercy.

Pray for me as, ironically, my next speaking event is themed over forgiveness. WOW...when God wants to get your attention sometimes He smacks you right in the nose with your own ISSUES!
I've got to go to the woodshed now...Yes I know...My next post needs to be back on the funny, sunny side of life...but this is what was on my heart.

Just Thinkin',



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