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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Entertainment News AMAs

Well, after getting just a couple glimpses of the dress (or lack thereof) of some of the entertainers at the American Music Awards...I guess I didn't miss watching them so much after all!

Why is it so hard for women to understand how precious they are to God and they should value themselves enough not to go all Victoria's Secret on us at an important event in their industry. Your voices are the gift...not your immodest dress. she's a truly beautiful woman with talent.

The Perfect Woman
Proverbs 31:10ff is not just a good place to find how to be a virtuous wife– it’s also to see what is valuable as far as a person. In this passage you will find nothing of how she looks, smells, or how much skin she shows. Instead you’ll find things like:

She is trustworthy – doing her husband good and not evil all his days.
She provides for her family - in the fields, with the merchants, from afar off, buying land, selling goods, makes clothing.
She works hard – she is girded with strength, she works into the night.
She is merciful – She helps the poor and needy.
And here is the important one. Her clothing is strength and honor because of her character. Yes, she makes herself clothing that is of silk and purple, fine thing for the times, but she is known for much more than her clothing. You could say that she defines the clothing, the clothing does not define her.

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