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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Marriage...The Real Story

(Original Publication Date 12/31/15   Reposting for a dose of real!  Happy 34th Richard!)

This is where I am supposed to post somethin' clever about 32 years of blissful marriage, to my soul mate, and list a bunch of syrupy sweet qualities Richard possesses...Thanking my 4 brilliant and perfect children, parents, daughter-in-law and grandbabies... especially... for helping me become the person I am today!!!

Now...The Real Story:
The reality is... we probably had 9 really great years, 2 years of Awesome, and 21 years of what the heck were we thinkin'!!!

Yep ...32!

28 years of which we've been parents...which means we've been sleep deprived for almost 3 decades! (To my daughter in law...look are binge watching something on Netflix while the kids are you aren't on facebook today so we should be ok...I did not want to discourage her)
So...I am not posting the cute photo again showing us in White Tuxedos at my Senior prom..or our wedding picture which makes us look so thin...not gonna spend 10 minutes trying to suck in stuff and turn at just the right angle to get a selfie that shows how cute we are today...

We pretty much got up at 3 a.m. 'cause one of us had to pee...can't remember, cause it ends up being both eventually anyway! So as Richard (who NEVER takes far as you know)...brought me coffee and laid ( lay...who cares) back down...I am caffeine buzzed up and thinkin' "What clever tribute can I write on Facebook for our anniversary?"

Well...I got nuthin'. Except...marriage... (some of you just had a "Maaaawij....Maaaawij is what bwings us ta-gevaaaa" moment didn't you?)

Marriage is a blessing-Weddings are simple...Marriage is tough. Marriage is a challenge. Marriage sucks! Marriage is priceless! Yep...Marriage may make you feel bi polar! Marriage is a test of commitment and a battle of wills. "I do" and "I will" should be examined carefully as our "will" and our actions need to default to grace a whole lot more than anyone told us in premarital counseling. Marriage is a beautiful mess ...some days beautiful somedays...a mess. 

God ordained marriage. invited. to. stay! 

Don't send Him home after the wedding. 

You can't do it without Him in the center. 

Marriage is work. 

Marriage can be lonely...spoiler, I know! 

Marriage is supposed to be 2 become 1...right? 

Well...some days our "one" looks a bit like two drunk people in a three legged sack race. 

We pull different directions, clumsy words get in the way and we fall down. 

But we try to get back up! When we slow down and keep in step with God and His instruction...our stride is easier...the goal line seems possible...less dirt and skinned egos. 

Marriage is a challenge...I know I said that already! 

Now...about that whole "soul mate" thingy! It does NOT exist! Stop lookin'! If you're married...that IS the one!

We do sometimes feel like inmates, behave like roomates, act like primates...but there are those awesome moments we treasure when we are well pleased to be mates in this journey together.

Praise God for forgiveness and new mercies every morning...even morning breath mornings!

Someone tell Richard Happy Anniversary here since he doesn't do "facecrack" mean facebook.
Well, I have to go get ready for my anniversary date with Rich where we will be staring into each other eyes again later...yes...we are picking out glasses with progressive bifocals again. 

Kathy Lonsinger


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