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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Kids In The Fridge

If you are a parent...or a will know what I am talking about... (so pretty much...everyone):
I have noticed how all of my grown...come to our home and head for the kitchen.
All of them...look into our cupboards, pantry and fridge!
One manchild, JL tothefirstpower, heads straight for the fridge, as he is farthest away and usually thirsty, but then he moves to the coffee stash.
His wife, the beautiful D-I-L, makes sure there is proper chai tea, bread and Herbs DeProvence as she loves to bake/cook and all things bread, cheese related.
Child Dos, KL ('og' and prettiest sibling of the original group), straight to the spices and the gluten free stores in the pantry as she loves to cook as well but has gluten allergy.
Manchild- 3rd in birth order, JL squared, Goes to coffee stash first, bullet proof of course, (scratching my head) then the meat selection in fridge and vegies as he is more the paleo type.
Baby of the family, although an adult, JL tothe3rdpower...comes in from college and after hugs...heads right to the cookie, candy, "kids are home where are the brownies" hidden in the pantry stash.
Now that we have grandlittles, W1 asks for cuties, (mandarin oranges) cheese sticks, lollipops, and W2 asks for french fries and macaroni and cheese... " but not Aunt Kaylee's GWOOTEN FWEE kind" and sausage.
They know we will happily provide what they need.
They know sometimes what they WANT is not always what they need or what WE have prepared for THEM! (No, Wendy, lollipops are not the main course for breakfast this time).
I find myself looking into my own parent's pantry, fridge, and cupboards when I visit them and I am _ _ years oldll! (I can get the senior discount at Denny's)
God welcomes his kids home.
Look into the pantry.
Ask what HE has prepared for YOU!
I will.
Let's ask...
In Jesus Name,
Run to your Dad's storehouse of knowledge...THE BIBLE!
Peace to You,


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