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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Clutz: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Now that we are back in Oklahoma, we send a Christmas  "Just Thinkin' " your way from our Beaumont Christmas past.

We hope timeless stories will help you find perspective. We hope more than anything, that you learn to read scripture and apply the truths found there to your daily lives...for the messages, commandments and  stories you will find in the Bible have proven timeless 

Enjoy. Focus on Christ today...He's got this covered...whatever your THIS might be.
and the gang at A Gentle Answer Ministries.

Christmas Morning 2012

WARNING: No animals were harmed in the writing of this post. One did get his feelings hurt and the use of ellipsis was highly abused.

Those who know me well know the kitchen is my spot.
I love to cook and bake and I am quite happy serving wonderful food . I am actually a good cook. Yep, I do okay in the kitchen.
However, once every 10 years or so I have one of "those" days.

For those who knew of the unfortunate "multi-tasking-Mom- frying mini corn dogs- while wrangling a 5 year old and a baby- whilst also answering a phone to be asked by person on the phone to go find the lawn mowing neighbor (we each lived on three acre spreads so it was a long walk) -to come to the phone because her best friend was in the hospital- and then forgetting mini corn dogs frying in grease-resulting in a  house fire back in '93 - episode..."...well... this was not like that.

Well, sort of...I may not have lost the house this time, just a bit of dignity.
Oh...focus...That's a story for another day.

One morning, I thought I would make a nice brunch since my son was home from college.

The first order of the day was to spill pineapple juice. I did it brilliantly, thanks.

I calmly turned to get the paper towels to wipe up the sticky morning mess and tripped over Shadow the wonder dog.

After he ran from the room with a look of betrayal in his eyes,  I bent down to clean up the juice. Boy did I underestimate how many paper towels this might take!

I raised up to get more towels, I's see...slammed is a better word...yes, slammed my head on the cupboard door corner.  

Flinching in pain, I, slipping in the spilled juice, did my graceful dance across the kitchen floor. Looked like a server on skates at Sonic with the hiccups hit an oil slick!

But don't worry, when I (by instinct from the pain) raised my hand to the throbbing  goose egg on my head, the platter I was carrying of wonderfully prepared sausage, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and a side of  fresh pineapple was somehow left unshaken as I hugged the floor. 

Momentarily, I was quite pleased with this maneuver. I would have beaten Mary Lou Retton's perfect "10" if the kitchen judges had been watching...GRACEFUL MUCH?

Too bad the platter was made of plastic though, because the smell of melted plastic doesn't go well with pineapple. 
Melted you ask? Oh, right... 

You see, as I pulled my slightly disheveled self up, I accidentally set the food down on the hot burner so I could steady myself to stand. 

The platter and only one of the biscuits melted right to the stove! 

So was a good morning, considering most of the food was saved and there were no vehicles with flashing lights involved...which if I remember back to the fire of '93, brought several off duty fire fighters to my house and I had not even brushed my teeth or put on a bra yet, so I don't recommend that.

Back to the sticky morning... 

I sort of felt like I was stuck in a really bad Laurel and Hardy bit. 

When I finally gained composure to serve brunch, I sat down with my husband and the boys to eat...the phone rang, it was my daughter and we always answer our children when they call if we can.
I raised the phone to my ear...hit my plate and dropped my breakfast on my leg and on the chair and even a little bit on the dog which prompted him to do the "I'm chasing my tail...I'm  chasing my tail" dance since it mostly hit his back side (which is even funnier when you realize this dog has no tail). I ruined my dress...but okay... I'm in Texas and I'm told wearing a little white gravy is okay because it's still before Labor Day (insert  sound of pagent winner rude girl at church saying "Bless Your Heart" in a Southern Accent  here)


I'm not really, usually, all that  clumsy...the floor just hates me, my dog is apparently schizophrenic, the table and chairs are bullies, my kids are so clingy they want to be home on school breaks, the cabinets are co-conspiritors with Satan, and in general the walls are just in the way. I'm Clutzy today but It's NOT MY FAULT!

Do you ever have these kind of days? Days when it just feels like nothing will go right? I know this seems small compared to what some of you are going through...but any delay, distraction, disruption, detour, disappointment in our lives can cause us to lose our focus on Christ, ultimately making us lose our joy.

I felt frustrated after the initial spill, but after the slamming and slipping and then the burning, I started to actually get angry. Somehow, it was now the dog' son's (for coming home from college prompting me to feel domestic) my daughter's (for calling), and even the builder's fault for placing the cabinets and stove in the particular floor plan that caused my fiasco.

I lost focus on serving a wonderful meal for my family and actually became resentful over fixing such a spread for a table of people who probably would not even notice how hard I worked to prepare such a meal... yes...quite pitiful. 

Do you do that? Let the picky little failures or disappointments steal your joy? Even ultimately becoming resentful or pitiful or lashing out at others? 

Apparently, I am Ferrari Mom!  

I went from Ego to low self esteem in 5.3 seconds.

One of the messages people have requested when I am asked to speak  "What's In Your Purse?: Understanding Our Worth" compares the way we see ourselves to the way God actually sees us.

I use the Greek words "Doxa" and  "Hustereo"  to give examples of "praiseworthy" or Glory (having value) vs. "hysteria" (lacking in value) to show when we are competent (sometimes even full of ourselves) verses when we feel like a clutz.

Either of these two feelings can be a hazard.

Pride is pride.

Whether on the ego end of the spectrum or the low self-esteem is dangerous.

One says I am good because of my own effort or talent and one says God did not make me very well.

Guess which one the enemy of my soul would like for me to focus on today? CLUTZ MUCH?

Well, just because I have a frustrating or "off" day doesn't change who I am in Christ. Some days are successful, some...not so much.

Some days a brunch is in order... but today, maybe a "fast" is in order.  Or maybe in my case, a  "slow".   A "SLOW DOWN KATHY"... A "BE STILL, KATHY"!

I will choose to focus on HIM and the things that are praiseworthy.
The Bible tells me that  I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139). So even if my dog focused more on the fearfully part today, I will focus on the truth found in the bible instead of the mess found on my kitchen floor.

Common Doxology:
Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise HIM all creatures here below; Praise Him above ye heavenly host, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!  AMEN.

Clutz...It's Not Just for Breakfast at work, at school, in ministry, with your spouse, our clumsy days do not take God by surprise. 

I hope when (not if) you have "one of those days" in the future (even if not in the kitchen) you will remember to feel God's love. He's crazy about you! He knows how and when your "off" day will show up, and He is still worthy to be praised. Be still.

Well as soon as I looked up "how to remove melted plastic from a cook top stove", I was done for the day and seriously, wisely, chose NOT to be moving around or driving or making decisions or possibly even thinking for the rest of the evening.

I reposted this story because...

I just put the milk in the pantry...I may be slow...but I CAN learn from my past mistakes...can YOU?

I better go, I am on an electronic device ya know...I don't recommend I operate any machinery today.

May God bless you even in your "Sticky Mornings" and may you remember to praise the Christ of Christmas everyday of your life...not just today.

Just Thinkin',



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