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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Whistle in the Storm!

When I look back and think of all the choices...all the turns down the wrong roads...all the stupid or naive actions that I was allowed to make before I began to walk with Jesus, I stand amazed! Amazed that He protected me when I did not even speak His name unless I used it as an explanation point. Amazed that I remained relatively safe through the consequences of some of the bad choices, decisions and circumstances. Mostly amazed at His forgiveness and mercy on my life and for the lessons learned in the storms.

I remember about a year ago on a very rainy cold night thinking how tough my life was because of finances (9/11 related job loss)or I guess lack of finances..Let's see...couldn't buy the kids school pictures because it wasn't in the budget, needed a different vehicle because old car was on it's last leg or should I say tire, had two kids in college and tuition was due, insurance changed and medical bills due...blah blah blah etc.,etc, you get the pity party picture!
That same night at about 4 in the morning while it was still storming and cold outside I heard the little puttering of the motor on Richard's car pull into the driveway after a second shift night. I always felt bad hearing that car because we had to trade a beautiful new truck in to get this tiny little gas saver that Richard can barely get in with out bumping a knee on the dashboard! I waited a second or two to hear if he made it inside okay still remembering how miserable I had been when I went to sleep...and then I heard... a whistle...Richard was whistling! He came into the house and I new he was home safe so I went back to sleep. Sometime later in the wee hours of the cold rainy morning (I am not sure how long) Richard crawled into bed most likely exhausted from the long double shift, and put his hand on my back and quietly began to pray..."Father I thank you! Thank you for getting me home safely in the storm. Thank you for this warm home to come to. Thank you for the meal that was left warming for me as I got home. Thank you for letting me come home to this woman that you have given to be my wife!" Well this sweet man that was in the same circumstance I was in reminded me with a simple heartfelt prayer that we have been certainly, overwhelmingly, abundantly blessed!!! For the years we have walked together with the Lord, Richard has been a quiet reminder of what Faith really is. The evidence of things not seen...but our Hope is in God. You know, Richard knew the same facts about our finances that I did. He was in the same yucky weather I had experienced. He chose Faith, Hope and Love. I can't imagine how much God must love me to have allowed this man to be my husband.

Thank You Father for my life, for Richard and our children. Thank you that truly through many dangers, toils, and snares we have already come...and yet Faith will lead us home...just like my positive husband on that cold stormy late night ride home...may I begin to whistle over my blessings when the world around me thinks I should be complaining in the storms of life.

I love you LORD! I praise you! I Thank you,

In Jesus Name


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