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Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Eve Dinner Advice: Don't Forget The ICE!

by Adrianne Lonsinger

A friend is hosting her first Christmas Eve dinner at her house and...she's pregnant.
She asked for advice, so I sent this:

"I don't know how formal you want to be but I tend to forget paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins, cups, etc.

I also always forget ice.
Every. Dang. Time... I forget ice.
You'd think I'd learn!

I did a pork loin roast two years ago. It was so simple. You can even buy them pre marinated and it cooks fast because it is smaller. Everyone loved it!

~Expect things to go wrong, because ...well...they will.

~Something will burn.

~You will be out of something you were certain you had enough of.

~Something will get broken.

Try to go with the flow and remember, ultimately... it's about family being together celebrating the birth of Our Lord...even if you end up having to order a pizza!

I was 6 months 'preggers'  when I decided to make an entire Christmas Eve dinner --  for the first time  -- ever -- by myself.

I wrote out a schedule.

~when to start preparing certain dishes
~when things needed to go into the oven

Praise Jesus -- my Mother In Law came over a bit early "Just in case" I needed some help.

She rescued the creamed spinach, saved the gravy, salvaged the cookies, and most importantly, emotionally reassured me 1000 times that everything would be fine.

So, the moral of the story, have backup.... focus on family...include 'WHEN TO TAKE THINGS OUT OF THE OVEN' on your schedule...and...


Merry Christmas

About the Blog Guest Writer

Adrianne Lonsinger is a Stay at Home Mom of two and an Interior Designer.

Adrianne enjoys reading, baking, Bible Study, collecting recipe books, crafting, and she is a Home Staging Designer available to For Sale By Owner sellers or through your  Oklahoma City/Tulsa Metro Area Realtor.

Adie is taking reservations for private home and corporate seasonal design/staging and interior decor change.

Let Adie help direct yours.

Thanks, Adie, for sharing your Christmas Dinner Advice.

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