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Monday, January 19, 2015

Make A Difference...To That One

The Legend of the Starfish

A vacationing businessman was walking along a beach when he saw a young boy. Along the shore were many starfish that had been washed up by the tide and were sure to die before the tide returned. The boy was walking slowly along the shore and occasionally reached down and tossed the beached starfish back into the ocean. The businessman, hoping to teach the boy a little lesson in common sense, walked up to the boy and said,

"I have been watching what you are doing, son. You have a good heart, and I know you mean well, but do you realize how many beaches there are around here and how many starfish are dying on every beach every day. Surely such an industrious and kind hearted boy such as yourself could find something better to do with your time. Do you really think that what you are doing is going to make a difference?"

The boy looked up at the man, and then he looked down at a starfish by his feet. He picked up the starfish, and as he gently tossed it back into the ocean, he said,

"It makes a that one."

Sometimes we wonder if any effort on our part to change a life makes a difference.

If we are not a TV talk show host with millions of viewers, or a missionary with large groups of people to minister to, or a famous star with a following that will donate to the latest "save the _________fill in the blank" cause, we may feel inadequate to make a difference in our world.

I believe God gives each of us the opportunity to serve, great or small, one or many.

Sometimes our stranded starfish is

-A fatherless child.
-Possibly you have a co-worker that just needs a willing ear to listen to them.
-Maybe it is a home-bound friend.
-Perhaps your very own child just needs a moment of face time with mom or dad.
-Maybe it is your parents that need you right now.
-How about showing love and respect to your own spouse today? It could make all the difference in helping them face the rest of the week.

Matthew 25:40
"And the King will say, 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!"

I am enjoying spending time with my son today.  He makes a difference in my life. I hope I make a difference in his.

Is there someone that God would have you focus on today?
Has God placed a stranded starfish on your beach?
Make the THAT ONE!

Share with us (in the comments section) how someone has made a difference in YOUR life. You never know who you will encourage with your story.

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