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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thoughts...On Random Thoughts...On FACEBOOK and BLOGS many ways to connect. Why do we do this?

Thoughts.....On Random Thoughts...On FACEBOOK!
My thoughts about Facebook:

~Do you ever feel like no one ever reads your heartfelt posts? Or worse, you can't retrieve a random, usually regretful, post that too many have seen...albeit stalker style facebook viewers that won't leave a comment?

Facebook is... The Social Networking Vehicle...that you just might be driving all alone on a deserted road in the rain....or in heavy traffic. The trouble is, there is not traffic forecast for you to consult or facebook gps to guide you before you take your Facebook for a spin. You can easily be caught off guard by a reckless facebook "driver" too! Ouch! People feel so free to slam into your innocent posts...even with no insurance!

Thought from Ayn Rand...
"It is not advisable (James) to venture unsolicited opinions. You should spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener." - Francisco d'Anconia, Atlas Shrugged

My battle over whether or not to hate or love facebook for all it is worth, comes from the fact that so many of the people I love and cherish are on here. I find it a necessity with what I have been called to do in my life as a mother, friend and Speaker to be on FACEBOOK. But I also find it bizarre that this has a hold over so many people (me included from time to time)!

It seems addictive to some I've talked to. One friend confessed to driving faster to get home from the store after remembering she needed to fertilize her crops! You, know what I am talking about if you also have ever accepted a gift from anywhere that has "VILLE" immediately following the offer!

I have learned, as a very middle aged...okay old chick to " LOL" and " LM_O" (which I never do because I am not the potty mouth)...well not on purpose anyway and "TTYL" to some of my "BFF's"!
I have written sad things, mad things, big stuff, little stuff. I have read about loss of love, loss of life, loss of health...loss of mind! I have cried, shared, dared and down right "GUFFAWED" and I am not the guffawing kinda girl. I have misspelled, misspoke, missed the point and missed dinner...all while on FACEBOOK. I have disagreed, shot the breeze and dropped to my knees in Prayer...all because of FACEBOOK! I have had people on my profile, overreact, under-react, never react and backtrack....all because of FACEBOOK!

I've met people at speaking events who then friend request me on Facebook. I've reconnected with High School friends, been friended by the famous and the quietly shy and relatively unknown...all on Facebook. I've had one person hide me from their page (yes I know who you are because I was on when you magically disappeared) and this hurt my feelings...all because of FACEBOOK!

So...why all the fuss? Because, as I read a few of the posts from my friends...friends of my friends and apparently friends of friends I did not even know...I realized we all just want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We want our thoughts to count and we want to be counted. We want to feel as though someone thinks about us as well. We want that connection. We crave connection.

So...all the fuss is about being part of each other's lives.
As a Christian, I am thrilled to be a part of the body of Christ. And just like I have choices on how much I participate on FACEBOOK, I can or can't go worship with people I may or may not like on Sunday or even on Saturday in a building that may or may not have nice carpet and songs I like or dislike! But I have been invited. And so have you! The God of the Universe FRIEND REQUESTED ME! I ACCEPTED!
YOU? I would love to see you someday on our MUTUAL FRIENDS LIST!

So to those of you who chose to stick around and read this post...Thank you for letting me know by the click of a LIKE button or a comment left behind that the rapture did not come while I was thinking these Random thoughts and I was left behind...ALL BECAUSE OF FACEBOOK!

If you are not a blog stalker or closet facebook gawker...oh what the heck....all of you reading this leave some indication that there is life out there in randomVILLE and show you care enough about me just even at this show signs of life on my FACEBOOK PAGE! If you have never clicked the like button because you just's time to get in the game. YOU CAN DO IT! I won't make you fill out a 3 x 5 card at the front and no one will comment back on your doorstep on Monday during your dinner! JUST GIVE ME SOME SIGN THAT I AM NOT ALONE.....On FACEBOOK! And by all odds, shouldn't Kevin Bacon be on my twitter follow list by now? COME ON ...follow us on twitter @agentleanswer and let's stay connected.





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