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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Or Maybe...You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid ?

My husband, Richard took this photo at the San Jacinto Museum in Houston,Texas. We were in the area of the museum which had some of the weapons, artifacts, and memorabilia from the area circa. 1836. There were candlesticks, shoes, calling cards, buttons, pocket watches, flatware and other household items.

As  you can see in the photo there was a sword  hanging next to a battlefield scene along with  these silver forks from a higher ranking soldier's formal dinnerware.

A little boy standing nearby-- with wide eyes and a confused expression-- loudly asked {his daddy},  "Can these forks kill you?" The dad just casually said, "No."  Well...Rich saw the all too familiar silly look in my eye and the smile on my face and walked away just in time enough to put distance between us, because...

I couldn't help it...I looked at the little boy and sternly said, "Yes...yes if you use them to eat way too much cheesey Tex-Mex  they can kill you!"

It made me think of some of the current ideas about weapons, gun control and 2nd Amendment Rights Issues.
It isn't the utensil in the hand that harms... it's  the hand owner which makes poor choices.

Oh, and I also think that sword may have been used by Jim Belushi in the Samurai Delicatessen, perhaps. Oh...NEVERMIND (in my best Roseanne Roseanne Danna voice)!

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