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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super Shine Spray...

Do you have people in your life that bring out the best in you? How about you...Do you bring out the best in your circle of influence; family, friends, golfin' buddies, bunko night folks, classmates, colleagues?

My friend Gayle walked into the ladies bible study and set a bottle in front of me. The label read "SUPER SHINE". On the back it said, "To bring discipline to that unruly, frizzy hair". Now before you think I should have been offended, a week earlier, Gayle and I had a conversation about the lovely arrival of the little gray hairs that are popping up on my head(I know...I know, I am going prematurely gray for 29). They have a mind of their own.

She looked at me and said, "I have just the thing for you." And, one week later, she handed me that bottle.

Well, sure enough it did make those mean old gray hairs behave a little better. I spray it on and get a nice little shine to my hair, that is, on the non- ponytail-gotta clean the house-hope no one I know sees me at the grocery store-kinda day!

I lead of great group Of Bible Study Babes on Tuesdays and we have been studying about the whiners in the wilderness...I mean the people in Exodus. Today we discussed the twelve spies that were sent into Canaan, the land promised to the Israelites by God. In Priscilla Shirer's "One In A Million" study, she pointed out that the 12 men sent to check out the land where all known leaders. Only 2 out of the 12 came back with a good report that reflected a trust in God. The other ten 'Leaders' came back with fear. Fear of the Giants they had seen in the land. As a result, they led everyone around them into a disobedient, unbelieving attitude expressing a lack of trust in God to carry them safely into the land of plenty.

Whining, doubt, fear and apparently amnesia (how quickly they forgot the miracle of the Red Sea)are contagious you know.

What kind of influence do the leaders in your life have over you? Are you a leader in some capacity? Then what kind of influence do you display using your ability to lead?

One other thing about my friend Gayle; she does not only influence in matters of hair-care!
She shines...spiritually and makes you want to follow. She leads with excitement and passion and does not forget that what looks too big to handle...can be conquered with trust in God.

I wish I could have a bottle of Spiritual SUPER SHINE! But no, we can't apply that topically, it comes from within. It comes from spending time with Jesus...and with friends like Miss Gayle.

Do you allow your friends to let you know if you are in need of a bit of shine, to manage undisciplined or unruly areas of your life? Or do you take offense?

Just Thinkin',



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