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Friday, May 28, 2010

Prayer for Each Other

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This was today's post.

Don't forget to send us your praises, encouraging encounters, life applications you've learned lately or just stop by and say hey to the other folks on A Gentle Answer. Post your pics of what God is up to in your life or if you are working on a project or need prayer let us know. This is a community desiring to encourage each other. Shout out to Our friends in The U.K. and Canada, thrilled to have you aboard.
If you like this site, Suggest our page to your Friends and keep sharing with us.
Have a great weekend.
By the way, "Cheers" to the funny friend that lists their primary language on this site as "PIRATE". I treasure each of you!


Here are some of the folks request this week:

*We are praying for adoption situations...2 separate families.
*We have several friends with special needs children and school and change this time of year is often a challenge.
*We have a neck surgery in recovery.
*We have a dear sweet encourager that is physically challenged but spiritually strong.
*Some on this site have recently taken on new adventure (and ventures) and seek God's will in their work.

Thank you that you pray for each other. Some of you on this site do not hold to my Christian beliefs and I am thrilled that you take time to care about our site and check out my thoughts from time to time.

Continue to pray for all these requests...our God knows their names.


A Gentle Answer Ministries (Proverbs 15:1)

A Gentle Answer Ministries (Proverbs 15:1)
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