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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Finding Direction...At the Cross

Finding Direction...At the Cross                                                                                             
by Kathy Lonsinger

A few years ago our family spent  New Year's Eve with friends. We simply relaxed and ate pizza and played games and giggled at our host's dogs who entertained us with wonderful David Letterman-worthy-pet tricks.

Both of our friends work in a very stressful fast paced environment of hospital emergency rooms. Cecil is a physician and Jayne is a P.A. who often sees the difficult side of life - and also death.  It's a tough gig.
Jayne even jokingly told me she worked at the local "gun and knife club"!

They both have a wonderful sense of humor which, as you could imagine, is necessary to balance the difficult nature of E.R. physician's lives. 

This quirky humor showed up on a cute little ginger bread house (left from Christmas fun) Jayne had in the middle of the dining room table. It was very pretty and colorful.  Closer examination revealed quite the display of unusual characters on the green frosting lawn  surrounding the candy covered house. 

Instead of the standard turn of the century Christmas carolers, there was a dog with sun glasses, a police officer and a gang member,  various Latino characters depicting life, and even few not so ladylike "ladies" in bright red lipstick and bustiers.
This was not your Norman Rockwell or Little House on the Prairie ginger bread scene. This...was a "Little House On The Barrio!

You see, Jayne worked in San Antonio before moving back to the mid-west. She collected several little figurines that depict the often stereotyped culture of a Barrio.  These were popular  and controversial "gumball machine" items sold  in that area called  "Homies".

Cecil, recently surprised Jayne with a collection of several more of the unique (and even controversial) characters. The art work and imagination that went into making these small figurines was very interesting. We really enjoyed studying them and coming up with the back story for some of them.

Before we left their home on New Year's Day, Cecil handed me my favorite of the collection as a gift.
I put it in the window of the car going home and snapped a picture. I happened to capture these directional TURN signs in the background.

I thought it was a very appropriate reminder for a New Year's Day . Some of us will need to "recalculate", some will just veer back on course and some need to make a "right" turn. Some of us will need to turn completely around to find direction.

Many of us will be facing new challenges, new opportunities, second chances. 

What path are you on right now?  Are you headed in the wrong direction?   Some are on the right path but need to stop and refuel. Fill your tanks and energize with the Word of God, The Bible.
Is there a dead end ahead?      
Will you turn? Will you trust the God of all creation to help you get to your destination?

Don't spend one more day spinning your tires in the same rut of doing it your own way.  
How has that been working for you so far anyway? 

I believe we each have the opportunity to start this year off in the same posture as this guy.
May you find direction at the Cross of Christ.

Just Thinkin',


John 8:12
When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said,“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Thank you Cecil and Jayne for this precious reminder and for your friendship.


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