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Thursday, July 8, 2010

God's Opinion....and He Has One........

God Has an Opinion About That!!

has an opinion on everything! We often get stuck arguing religion,
politics, science, health care, marriage and sex using our best
...Philosophy-legalese or CHRISTIANESE and forget…Ultimately the only
opinion that counts is GOD’S!
Scripture is the final authority on right or wrong, good and evil, heaven or hell and any other topic we may argue about.
If I say it…check my word against scripture.
If your pastor teaches it…check his words against scripture.
If a small group leader gives an opinion…check it against scripture.
If a new age “free thinker” gives you an opinion…check it against scripture.
If you just "FEEL" something is right…check it against scripture.
If HE said is so!
This scripture is plain enough for anyone to remember (or rememberIZE as my youngest used to say):

Psalm 33:4
For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.

And if He didn't say just "ain't" so!
(Hear that......there goes my English teacher doin' a spit take again~)

And by the way, God is funny you know: He speaks on every subject you can think of in His Word.
For Example:

1)He spoke about Insurance---Where is the first mention of insurance in the Bible? When Adam and Eve needed more coverage.

2)He was the first Map Quest---How to get to Heaven? Go right…stay straight!

3)He has a favorite car---Honda, because all the Apostles were in one Accord!

4)He recommended Chiropractic Care… How do we know that Job went to a chiropractor?
Because Job16:12, 14, 16 says, "I had come to be at ease, but he
proceeded to shake me up: and he grabbed me by the back of the neck and
proceeded to smash me."

Spend time giggling with someone you love today.
Just Thinkin',

Okay...She's funny no matter what your politics happen to be.
I Like her very much! She makes me giggle.


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