Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Birthday Wish From a Hospital Bed

An update to this blogpost:
Kathy has returned home (Monday 23rd) and is regaining strength daily. Thank you for your continued prayers for Kathy and her family and the Ministry.

As I am laying here in such violent pain, I am torn...physically spiritually torn...the betrayal of immune system is leaving me bent...broken...yet, as I see a blink on my phone signaling well wishes for this day of my birth... I am ever so grateful that more than the birthday wishes that most of you are storming gates in prayer for our family. 
My Birthday Wish From A Hospital Bed:

I want to hold a cup of water, to have strength to make my son Jason a sandwich,  to hold Richard's hand without searing pain...to pick up my first grandchild when she arrives on this beautiful wonderful creation on the 26th.

I want to sit with you each, one at a time and remind you to breathe heaven into your lives by serving...not getting. I want you to call your spouse and say you were wrong, sorry wrong, very wrong, prideful wrong, and ask for forgiveness...then mean it and stop being prideful wrong.

I want that weird little swirl of ice cream on the end of a Dip cone at Dairy Queen for me right now but also for every hungry child in Sudan, South Carolina, South Chicago, and even South Houston...even once.

I want you to hold your kids a don't be first to unsqueeze...they need your grip...you need their trust. I want people in scared places to find safety in Jesus...REAL JESUS, the Christ, the Savior.

I want you not just to buy someone a cup of coffee in line behind you but I want you to then look them ...soft in the eye and ask, "Do you have what you need for the rest of the month?" And then, trust God with the answer and give it them.

I want you to stop gossip flat in it's track...smack it down...say no more. Wound people no more with words.

I want some of you to stop BRANDING yourself long uenough to see what you are doing...get off the throne...there is only room for the Lord Of Lords, and He knows your web address...don't worry.

I want people to stop killing. I want the Muslim Doctor who has been kindly trying to help me physically to have a vision to know Jesus was "THE RAM" and only HE loves this doctor and is God, very...only ATONEMENT...healer...God!

I want to give my precious daughter Kaylee ice chips when she wakes up from knee surgery tomorrow in a city  10 hours away from me. I wanted to paint funny toe nail polish on her toes, and brush her hair.

 I want to tell loud people...there is a gentler way...and you will be heard much more pleasantly if you stop yelling.

I want every lonely person to have one friend real and true. 

I want television to be brilliant and beautiful and every self absorbed reality star to get a grip and spend life quiet and noble.

I want "selfies" to be  stopped...they are lies of who we hope people think we are. SELFISH...

Such a time waste...

So for now...I beg...plead...release from this horrific pain of a system out of whack...and may I find strength to say right true praise in a near breath...
Hold  me up...praying friends...I can't do it yet...

Yes...it is my birthday...and yes I am in pain and yes it is weird to have people telling me to have a "Happy" birthday. I was born...So I live in this body...My New birth in Christ alone...saved me, so I will live eternally with God.

Just Thinkin',



Donald James Parker said...

She's back!! And we're so glad she is!! Praying for complete healing.

marilyn scott said...

This might be late but here are my birthday wishes for you. to have you completely healed, to fill your heart with peace and love, to strengthen your soul to be able to share yourself to your loved ones. May you have many more birthdays to come.

Have a great day!
Marilyn @

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